Tracy Estey-Willick

Osteopath (Manual Practice)                                        & Registered Massage Therapist

D.O.M.P., B.Sc (Hons) Osteopathy, B.PE, R.M.T.

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Tracy is an Osteopathic Manual Practitioner.  She has completed the full program of osteopathic study with the Canadian College of Osteopathy including her thesis relating to malocclusion in children.  To further her osteopathic and research skills she completed a Bachelor of Science (Osteopathy) through the British College of Osteopathic Medicine. Tracy is an instructor with the Canadian College of Osteopathy. She assists osteopathic students to increase their hands-on treatment skills as well as to deepen their understanding of osteopathic concepts. She is a member of the Ontario and Nova Scotia Association of Osteopaths as well as the Massage Therapists' Association of Nova Scotia. 

Tracy’s treatments are based on the idea that the whole body is inter-related. The goal of each treatment is to assist the body to restore balance, thus allowing a state of greater health to occur. She treats with her hands using a variety of non-invasive techniques.  She focuses on treating the cause of dysfunction and pain, rather than concentrating on the symptoms.

Her extensive knowledge of anatomy and physiology allows her to give highly effective treatments. It is her belief that she and the patient are in a partnership working towards health. Along with the treatments at the clinic she often provides the information necessary for an individual to perform stretching and strengthening at home. These exercises are based on the unique needs of each patient. Tracy’s knowledge of exercise and stretching is based not only on her massage and osteopathic education, but also on her degree in physical education and over 13 years of work in the fitness industry prior to becoming a manual therapist.

Tracy's areas of interest include:
Chronic pain
Back and neck pain
Jaw pain and dysfunction
Sinus congestion and pain
Women’s health (including pregnancy) 

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